Manual Deployment

Manually deploying

In order for a process definition to be used in the system, it must be deployed or uploaded. A process definition is transferred to the system using the deploy interface. The interface can be accessed under:


In the process definition itself, the corresponding user or one of the user's groups must be entered as the deployer linkcomingsoon and the user must also be assigned the deployer role linkcomingsoon in the system. The process definition must then be transferred to the system either as a .zip file or as a bpmn file.

An SVG graphic for a bpmn is optional. A zip-file already contains a graphic and therefore does not need this additionally.


If the deployment process has been completed without problems, this is confirmed with a notification.

Automatically deploying

If the Process still needs to be adapted in the Process Repository before publication, the checkbox 'Publish process automatically' can be deactivated.

If the selection is disabled, the process will only appear in the Process Repository until the final release.

Direct Deployment from the Modeller

If the process is to be deployed without the previous export, this can be done using the following URLs




If the process should not be directly published here, this can be set with the suffix ?publish=false.


Errors and their correction

If an error has occurred and the process definition has not been deployed as a result, the following steps should be checked before contacting support:

  • is the user specified correctly or is the client linkcomingsoon missing?
  • is the password entered correctly or is LDAP authentication linkcomingsoon on/off?
  • is the correct user/group entered as deployer?
  • Does the user have the deployer right linkcomingsoon?
  • Are all groups correctly stored in the properties of the process model?

If the user still experiences problems, please contact the support with server.log.

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