Modeling Workflows

Symbol overview BPMN 2. 0



A pool forms a higher-level organizational unit, e.g. a company.


Swimlanes subdivide the pool into subordinate units.


A work step/activity in a process.

Email / Send

Used to automatically send emails from within the process.

Hidden Subprocess

Symbol for a hidden subprocess.


Lets the process wait at this point until a specific event/signal occurs.


Serves as a marker for starting a process.


Ends the current branch of the process.

Termination Event

When reached, the complete process is terminated.


An exclusive gateway where an output becomes active.


A parallel gateway in which all outputs become active.

Boundary Exception linkcomingsoon

In case of an error, this path becomes active.

Boundary Escalation

In case of an escalation, this path becomes active. The current activity is either ended (interruption - not dashed) or persists (uninterrupted - dashed)

Script Task

Script tasks are automatically processed by the system without the need for user interaction. Script tasks can currently only be used in conjunction with an Actionhandler. The Actionhandler is executed when the sequence flow reaches the script task.

User Task

User tasks describe classic "workflow" tasks in which a user processes a task using the system. The difference to a manual task results from the software-supported processing with the system.

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